Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Thriving Wives' Guide to Cleaning House - Phase 2: Supply Check

Now that you have a plan, let's make sure we have all we need to get the job done.  I like to have a nice little cleaning caddy under each sink ready to go at a moments notice.  I can take this caddy with me into other areas of the house, but for the most part, having it in each bathroom serves nicely.  With my trusty dust buster always at the ready (stored in my hall closet), I am prepared for anything!

I love me some Mrs. Meyer's, I mean LOVE.  I use it for everything; counters, floors, furniture, all except mirrors and glass.   I buy the big bottles and just keep mixing it with water and refill my existing bottles over and over and over and over.  I love the natural scents they have (lavender and lemon verbena are my faves) and am obsessed with the smells that take over my home when getting a good scrubbing!  I use a normal old toilet cleaner in addition to a good mildew remover for the toilet and shower (those two are always gross despite my often daily doses of cleaning). Bar Keepers Friend is just as the name suggests, a friend. When Nic had never heard of it I nearly died!  It makes things sparkle and has proven to be far more effective than Clorox.  Nothing a sink loves more (or shower for that matter) than a good cleanser!

Never to let a mani go to soon (I have to get them often to combat a cuticle picking addiction), I am never without my rubber gloves.  I like my hands to be baby smooth and my home to be sparkling clean.  With washable rags (or old cloths) always in a steady rotation I reduce waste by never using paper towels.  I enlist the rough side of a sponge for tough grime... as I truly detest slime and grime. {Note from Nic: you can sanitize sponges in the dishwasher! Just place on the top rack and make sure it's secure so it doesn't fall into the heating coil at the bottom... yes I've learned that the hard way...}  

Since I am not a Febreze user nor an air freshener girl (unless you count my obsession with Target soy candles) I decided to make my own air freshener of sorts, aka, "smelly water".  Taking a Dollar Tree spray bottle I pour a several drops of essential oil (I love China Rain and Coconut) and fill the rest with water.  I give it a good shake and BOOM!  I have a delicious and natural scent to share with my home.  To put the finishing touches on my cleaning jobs, I go around spritzing the couch, throw rugs, beds... heck I even spray my dogs! It is super easy, super cheap and super green!

Once I move everything, dust, wipe and scrub I am ready to do the most favorite part of my ritual, the floors.  I give them a good sweep, dust bust the piles and grab my reusable mop.  My Thriving Mommy always had one of these so she made sure to get me one as well when I moved out on my own.  Best. Thing. Ever.  The pads are changeable so each time I mop, I take it off, put on a fresh one and toss that one in the dirty clothes hamper.  No waste increasing Swiffer for this TW, only gorgeously green alternatives to a fresh home!
My dream... me inside cleaning away while my TH is outside cleaning what is clearly MY car!

Thriving Wives Must Have Cleaning Supplies

  • Windex/window cleaner
  • Mrs. Meyers or another type of all purpose spray cleaner (for counters, floors, etc)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Mildew remover
  • Bar Keeper's Friend
  • Sponges
  • Reusable rags
  • Floor mop with washable/reusable pads
  • Broom and dust pan
  • Dustbuster (optional)
  • Rubber gloves
  • "Smelly Water" (optional)

 All you need is a few key supplies and you too can be one Thriving Domestic Goddess!

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