Monday, November 25, 2013

Make Your Monday - November 25th

Happy Thanksgiving week!  Nothing makes us happier than a short work week and a long weekend of eating!  Em had a not so great weekend with her little baby dog in the hospital, but all was well as Cornelia got to come home to her family on Sunday...whew!  Other than being one worried dog-momma, Em took it easy and even got her TH to get loads of Christmas decorations down from the attic! With Nic's first full week of work behind her, she spent Saturday cleaning the house since it had been neglected! Sunday she went on a long morning walk with her family, followed by a family nap and a visit to Em's for some much needed Thriving!

How often are we guilty of this? Not enjoying our experience due to the waiting of what is to come.  The new job, the new house, when you land a new client, when you lose those ten pounds.  What about now? What about this second, in this moment on this day?  Why not now?  You don't want to look back ten years from now and feel sad you let your life slip by unhappy do you? HECK NO!  So, get smiling, get appreciating and get loving only get one!

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