Monday, November 18, 2013

Make Your Monday - November 18th

Em was thrilled to have a weekend at home with her TH after the busy week coming home from Mexico.  After some Friday night crafting with C & K and a gorgeous "resetting" hike on Saturday morning with Holl, nothing was more perfect then spending the rest of the day snuggling couch side with her pups and TH.  Nic also remained a homebody for most of the weekend, getting lots of baby snuggles in since she started back at work on Thursday! Sunday she went on a long walk with her whole family, followed by some wedding dress shopping with a friend - perfect way to end any weekend.

The ability to accept that things will work out as they should is not an easy task, but it is one worth working on.  I only realized the power of this when after 18 grueling, uneventful years watching nearly all my friends date and have boyfriends that one day my prince would come (Please insert Disney song here).  After years of trying to conjure up the person who would love and accept me, wishing on the clock (7:11, 1:23, 5:55) and holding my breath in each tunnel, it happened. I have been with my prince for ten years and three of those in marital bliss.  All those hours of playing dress up and walking down the aisle finally came true, and even better than I could have ever imagined.  So, when I feel overwhelmed with grief over current situations, I sit back and try to tell myself to relax that it will all work out...just as it should...just as it always does.

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