Friday, November 29, 2013

Hike Yourself Healthy

If you are feeling the full belly that I am, then it is time to get moving.  What better way to spend Black Friday than with a nice family hike.  Even better? Take it to the beach and reset your mind with a whiff of fresh ocean breeze.  Forget standing in all those lines and dealing with the stress of shopping, let's hike ourselves healthy!


Scouting out this spot at Crystal Cove a few weeks ago, made me really regain the sense of appreciation that is easy to lose with the day in and outs of life.  With lovely paved paths ahead of us, my girl H and I were able to hash out all our frustrations while getting our heart rates up with some nice, tight walking skills. 

With each twist and turn of our trail, we seemed to get lost in our conversation and the spectacular views. 

As we approached each hill, we weren't phased with the incline, we took deeper breaths, slowed our chat session and refocused on the crashing waves. 

 Finally we had reached our goal and made a five mile wike (yes, new combo word walk/hike) with ease.  We had reset our spirits and were ready to take on a positive outlook on the weeks ahead.

Are you ready to get that post-holiday glow and get fit and fabulous prior to Christmas?  Then hike yourself healthy and walk it out!

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