Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun and Fit Vacationing

As most of you know, I love to work out.  I just feel better after a good sweat session...this is especially true when I am rocking a bikini all day long.  I like to feel just as tight and right as I hope I look.  So, knowing I was heading to Mexico this past weekend wasn't going to stop my workout plans.  Loving a good beach run, I was excited to run along the crystal blue waters of Cabo and ready to kick my own tush while doing it.  So I packed up my gear and prepped to get moving each morning before starting my beach day.  And that is just what I did!

With the beach just steps from my room, I didn't even throw on shoes, just walked right out with my tunes turned high, sunglasses on and sunscreen rubbed in.  I left my resort (as seen above) and ran until I was forced to turn around at the marina.  It was about 8am and the sun was hot, the sand was deep (not that tight packed stuff I was used to at home) and I was sinking with every step.  Did that stop me? Heck no! The burning in my calves and tush only made my heart beat harder and lungs struggle for breath....I loved it!  After only 2 miles I was going to die and thankfully I was back at my hotel with legs full o' rubber.  I headed back to my room pouring sweat and took to my balcony for a little stretching.

With this view, I was in heaven.  I did some deep breathing and stretching as my body adjusted post-workout.  Soon, I was feeling better than ever and ready to take on another day at the beach...right after a quick breakfast and morning mimosa.

The next morning, I headed back to that balcony for some "back to basics" TW fun.  I started with some squats and lunges, did a few minutes of jumping jacks, then got back to pushups and tricep dips.  Another round of jumping jacks (gotta keep that heart rate up) and then I laid back and powered through some abdominal sets. When all was said and done, I found myself again out of breath, sweaty yet totally and utterly fulfilled.  If I had this view everyday I would have a hard time going inside!

While it isn't always easy to bring fitness with you while vacationing, for me it is a must.  Knowing I would be going it alone (Nic wasn't on board for my early morning sweat sessions) I prepared my luggage, prepared my mind and looked forward to incorporating new workouts into my vacation.  I  not only got to explore the beach and my own resort, but felt great while doing it.  Even better, I was able to get Nic to join me in a KILLER aqua aerobics class at our sister resort and we quickly realized, this was anything BUT your grandma's workout...but still totally amazing!  Just another way these Thriving Wives incorporated fun and fitness into our vacation.  It sure made napping in the beach and frolicking in the ocean water like a mermaid all the more glorious knowing I had murdered a work out that morning.

Do you workout while away or do you take time off to recoup? Find activities to do on vacation instead of the typical sweat session?  Share your routine with us!

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