Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fresh From the Garden, Pasta Pomodoro

I take great pleasure in seeing my tomato plants full of plump fruit waiting to be plucked.  Add in the HUGE basil plant growing right next to those juicy toms and I am just giddy with caprese and Pomodoro plans.  Knowing that winter weather was just around the corner, I decided it was high time to get cooking using my garden fresh goods.  I took in a nice Beefsteak and Lemon Boy, a few bunches of basil and got cookin'! I had NO idea how easy and amazing this recipe would be!

Once I chopped up my toms nice and thin, I thew them in a pan with a bit of olive oil and garlic. I let them stew up in there, filling the kitchen with flavor while I chopped up the basil.  Once it was nice and fine, I added that to the mix and made sure I didn't drool in the pan.  While that was cooking away, I threw my whole wheat noodles in some boiling water and prepared to strain.

Cut and ready to cook...
Nice and saucy with all that garlic...
Now add the fresh basil...

Oh to the yeah, that is what I call some good lookin' Pomodoro!

Sauce and noodles are ready....

With my noodles strained, sauce hot and aromatic, it was time to plate this meal for one.  I grabbed a little bowl, neatly placed a pile of noodles and then took a huge scoop of that heavenly sauce and watched it sink into all the nooks and crannies of that pasta.  O.M.G...I was dying to eat!

A little sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and a pinch of basil for good measure, I took my garden grown dinner to the table.  Since I was eating Italian style, it was only natural to have a nice glass of wine.  Oh how I love Friday nights alone!

With each savored bite I was more and more amazed at the simplicity of this dish and even more proud that the best parts came from my backyard.  Now I can't wait until those plants are back at it again next year so I can make GALLONS of this sauce to freeze for a wonderful meal all year round.

Do you too love Pomodoro or anything tomato basil?  Have any other easy recipes to try?

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