Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thriving Halloween Decorations

With my new roof all finished, it was finally time for me to decorate for Halloween.  Since it is Autumn, decorations last from September to November inside the house, and Halloween is only for the month of October, so it is only allowed outside. Not sure where/when I made up these rules, I just sort of stick to them.  With my DIY ghosts made and the assistance of my professional cobwebbing pal C, we got to work turning my boring old house into a sppppoookkkyyy haunted house.

First up, we grabbed my newly purchased bags of cobwebs and started streeetttcchhiiiinnng them out and attaching them to anything we could get a hold on.  I quickly realized I was not very good at this...I had snow like clumps of these webs all around where I was working.  However, I turned around to see C's what was sure to be equally crappy job and saw this....PERFECTLY strewn web.  Go C GO!

She added her finishing touch of some sparkly black spiders and I was simply speechless at her latest hidden talent.  Who. Knew?! 

Next up I prepped my big ghost to go on my front door.  Not wanting it to scratch my "dripping blood" red door, I used a scrap booking square to give it a little cushion when we closed/opened the door.  

Using the cutest candy corn ribbon ever, I let my ghost hang in horror on my front door saying BOO! to all our future trick or treaters!


Using some caution tape warning people to enter if they dared, we placed it across the front window and garage door to add a little pizazz.  Using hooks already in the awning or adding a quick thumb tack our DIY ghosts went up and kept watch over the front of the house. 

Using the rest of our ghosts we lined the walk way as well and stood back to admire our work.  Lastly, we took jack-o-lantern, owl and skull lawn stakes (.69 at Michael's ) and placed them along the driveway and walkway.  We didn't even realize they were ultra reflective until later that night...the green eyes glowed!

We made quite a scary change to the house for under $20.  We were ready for Halloween to begin!  The TH and I are thinking of making some tombstones to place out on the actual night of Halloween since our lawn is the perfect graveyard.  Can't do it too soon though, apparently we have to run the sprinklers...BORING!

Have you decorated for Halloween?  What easy and affordable ideas did you come up with?

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