Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Yellow: TM's Bar Cart

When my Thriving Momma made the move from Northern California to the East Coast, she first had to move her precious and collected items down South so they could be stored and borrowed by...well, me.  Knowing she could only take a Prius load across country for her two year adventure, I tried to snag as much as possible.  I mean, most of this stuff I had grown up with and why would I want it sitting in storage when it would make my new house feel even more like home?  I was also sort of hoping she would forget about it and find something better while away and let me keep's to hoping!  One of my favorite items from her home is this flea market bar cart in the most precious, yet worn, canary yellow.

 vintage bar cart
vintage bar cart

When she said I could borrow it I was thrilled!  I had loved this little guy for as long as I could remember and had just the right nook for it between my dining room table and sliding glass door.  It could hold all sorts of special treasures that were used regularly in my kitchen but that I didn't necessarily want taking up valuable counter space.  Even better, I could constantly change what I placed on the cart to fit the needs of every occasion and/or gathering. First item to move from the cabinet to cart was an old wooden crate that I use to hold my place mats.  I found this old crate in someones basement and not only did I squeal over the ancient mason jars it held, but also the worn stickers boasting produce from the past.

Another item that needed a new home, was the latest gift I bought for my TH, this vintage Jack Daniel's drink tray I picked up at the last antique market. It fit perfectly and added a little masculinity to my cheery yellow cart.

While I love my old scale and use it regularly, it doesn't need to be on the kitchen counter, so I moved it across to the bar cart and displayed it front and center.  Stacked glass bowls with bright cloths make an appearance as well warming up the top shelf.  While my TW frame has a daily "Honey Please Do" list for my TH, on the days he works I didn't need it clogging my cooking space.  So for now, she sits here knowing she will be used another day...

vintage bar cart

The last item that needed a new home was my glass cake stand.  I use it quite often for baked goods, but when it isn't in use, it is quite the space hog.  It fit perfectly on the bottom shelf and is easy for me to grab when my latest loaf of banana bread or batch of cookies are ready to be showcased.

vintage bar cart

With my cart loaded and looking oh so cute, I look at that corner and smile because it holds a little something that represents all the things I love.  Family, friends and of course...Thriving Wives!

vintage bar cart

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