Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: DIY Recycled Wooden Sign

Years ago, long before moving down to Orange County, I made a trip down to visit Nic.  Whenever I came down South I always made a point to stop by and see my "magical" Aunt B.  I remember she had just purchased a new (and very large) home and I was excited to see the gem she had swooped off the market.  Before leaving her new digs I had to throw away some trash I had been carrying around in my car from the drive down.  As I walked into her side yard and to the trash can, I saw the most gorgeous, weathered piece of wood.  I stopped in my tracks and asked if she was really tossing this treasure.  She said it was here when she bought the place and had no plans for it.  I asked if I could take it and she said, "Of course!"...YES!!!

As I lugged it back to my home, over three hours away, I looked forward to what I would do with it.  Drill in knobs and make it a coat rack?  Paint it for a homemade art piece? Hmmmm, well for now, it would have to sit in my garage amongst my many other fab finds.  But one day, I would make it something fantastic.  However, nestled next to the other unfinished crafts is where it sat, for years.  It made the move to Orange County and then sat in storage...again.  But then, I had my dream house and it soon found a home.

Using my trusty patio paint, I enlisted my house guest/super helper/craft queen friend Shell to use her lovely script and paint some words for me.  Again, wanting to pay homage to my great-grandmother, the original Emilia, I asked her to write, "You are my sunshine".  She sang the song to me each day as a little girl and it always made me smile.  As usual, Shell took time to measure, perfectly place each letter and NAILED that cursive.  It was perfect!

Once the artsy part of this project was done, I called in my TH and his tools to get some brackets on the back of this bad boy. Since I didn't have a kitchen window above my sink for it to hang, I decided it would be just as wonderful mounted above my back sliding door in my dining room. Within minutes, he had brackets on, meticulously measured nails on the wall and was ready to showcase my dream recycled wooden sign.


Finally, I stood back and smiled as another quick craft from my brain came true with the help of those I love.  Could I have done the writing myself? Sure, but I would have hated it as I am far too critical of my own work than others.  Plus, why not have my sassy, art talented fancy interior designer BF do it while she is in town anyway?  I mean, they don't call her The Busy Brunette for nothing!  Thanks Shell! Could I have drilled in the brackets and hung it myself? Sure, but why when I have a TH at home to do it for me? Thanks TH!

Now I am obsessed.  All I want to do is find this wood all over and make custom signs for everyone I know! It was SO easy and looks SO amazing!  So watch out cities and towns all over California, if I see any more random fences like this, I may come again under the blanket of darkness and take some wood.....Los Gatos...you may be next.

Do you have any easy DIY projects to add a little character to your home?  Let us know so we can try them too!

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