Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Your Mondays - October 7th

Em enjoyed a lazy Friday night followed by a busy Saturday with her TH.  After months of being in her new Thriving Home and a number of garage organizations, it still wasn't quite right. So, she dragged her resistant TH out there to get his "man side" in order before she lost her mind!  On Saturday Nic took the whole fam AND her in-laws to go apple picking at a real working farm, and even their dog Sandy got to roam the orchards. Sunday Em and Nic grabbed a couple hours away from their families to sneak in a quick trip to the Grove Antique Market, Em's new favorite!

This week we thank a strong and wise woman and allow ourselves to focus on inner strength and taking ownership of our feelings.  No insecurities, no doubt, no negativity.  Just positive confidence and joy.  We will not allow others or any environment to infiltrate the peace we feel, we will only go forth and share our energy with others.  Will you?

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