Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make Your Monday - October 21st

While the Thriving Husbands were away (at a bachelor party), the Thriving Wives will play!  After solo Friday nights (despite an hour on the phone), Saturday we were up and ready to take on Orange County Beerfest.  After an hour in line and not much happening, we demanded a refund, left and had a glorious champagne (and cotton candy) brunch nearby before heading home.  We spend Saturday afternoon Thriving it up with new material and preparing for our men-children/TH to come home on Sunday.  Em was eager to greet her TH at the train station to spend an afternoon relaxing while Nic headed up to LA to visit her  in-laws.

Lead by example...always.  If you want to be in a room full of happy people, be happy.  You want others to practice kindness and compassion, you have to as well.  So, this week, be the epicenter of energy you want around you.  What are you putting out today? 

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