Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Halloween Costumes

When I grew up, I never had a store bought costume.  My mom made every single one I ever wore.  I of course then NEVER wanted to have to buy a costume for anything and after years of not dressing up (or throwing something together that I already owned), I decided it was high time for me to get to work...making my own that is.  So, I set out to make a costume that my TH and I could be every year for pretty much ever....the lovely Fred and Wilma Flinstone.

I knew the costume would be relatively easy to make, wouldn't require a ton of supplies and best of all, cheap.  I headed to the fabric store, bought some (felt for the low price of $9) and started to determine how to do this, my very first professional sew job.  We weren't just doing buttons and holes anymore, this was serious, I'm talking seams.

I decided to get started on Fred since my TH was home and I wanted to get it done before he started his work week and was gone all the time.  So, I made him stop watching football for one second and let me poncho this orange fabric on him so I could get an idea of how much to cut and where to sew. He was not thrilled, but as usual for my wonderful TH, he did it anyway, just to make me happy.

He continued to be a good sport (minus the occasional sigh) while I clipped, marked and pinned, until finally I was ready to sew one side. I made jagged cuts along the neckline and sleeve wholes since I knew that was going to be done anyway.  It was a perfect costume to start with since it didn't require a TON of neatness. 

With my trusty needle and thread, I aligned the two pieces of fabric, folded one over ever so slightly and got to sewing. I practiced precision and care (to the best of my ability) and while it wasn't taking forever, I still was kicking myself for not taking my Geena's advice and just getting out my sewing machine.  Soon one side was done!  I had my TH try it on, made sure the other side was good to go, cut off some excess fabric and got back to work.

Before I knew it I was done!  I had my TH try it on for the last time and it was nearly perfect!  A few little snips here and there and I was ready to add the design on Fred's outfit using a permanent marker.  Only ten minutes later, I was feeling quite great about my ability to whip this up.  I knew my Thriving Mommy would be so proud!

I grabbed an old blue pillowcase that I knew would match what I needed for Fred's tie and just cut then ripped .  I took one long peice of it, wrapped it around my TH's neck and he had his tie.  D.O.N.E with Fred...YES!

Next up, Wilma.  Not quite as easy since I had to try and measure myself, but a lot less fabric which is always nice.  I just decided to wrap it around tube top style and cut off the extra fabric.  I sewed one seam down the side and then made all the edges jagged.   I cut the top a bit higher than I needed so I could slope it downward to give it the appearance of being one shoulder.  I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to really done the one shoulder, so I just went for the tube.  I then took some of the cut off fabric, made a small hole in the front and back and connected it.  It worked like a charm!  I now had a one shoulder appearing Wilma-ish dress and was feeling great!  Instead of adding elastic to the waist, I went with small orange belt I already had handy to play off my darling Fred costume.

With my costumes done, and hand made by only me, all I have left to do is accessorize Wilma.  A small bone in my "fun bun" up do and a nice sparkly large Styrofoam ball necklace.  Easy breezy!

 I hope you are following us on Instagram to see the big costume reveal this Thursday! What are you dressing up as this year?  Did you make it yourself or buy it at the Halloween store? 

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