Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Love Letter to My Stretch Marks

Despite being obsessed with pregnancy, I have to shamefully admit there was a downside that has made me frown on numerous occasions. As my belly grew, the already thin skin surrounding my belly button piercing began to "tear" into multiple massive, horrifying stretch marks going every direction. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it (I tried ALL the oils/creams), and that it would never go back to looking normal, and all I did was curse my 19 year old self for getting that stupid thing in the first place. (Just in case any of you are 19 and considering a belly piercing but plan to get pregnant at some point - DON'T DO IT!!!)

After BK was born, I was also surprised to see about 5 dark pink "normal" stretch marks appear below my belly button. Obviously I couldn't see these until my tummy shrank down, and while I am pleased to say that happened fairly quickly, I began to stare in the mirror at my mutilated stomach with disgust. I had gone from loving my shape and rubbing my midsection with pleasure all day and night, to wishing I never had to look at it again.

That was until I came across this quote/image on Pinterest:

I of course immediately burst into tears, because when you give birth you lose the ability to compose yourself when it comes to anything baby or child related. Once that subsided, I said to myself "that's right! The reason I have these is because I grew a healthy baby inside my miraculous body and I should be proud of them!" I initially felt very inspired and empowered, but while I'd like to say I immediately got over hating my stomach, it's something I am still working on, which is where this post comes in. I thought I'd write a little love letter to my own stretch marks, since I'm not the poem writing type...
Dear Stretch Marks, 
Thank you for teaching me a retroactive lesson that all piercing decisions should be carefully researched and thought all the way through. In all seriousness, thank you for the visual reminder of the amazing thing my body and I accomplished together, along with all the blissful memories I had of growing that tiny human being. I love you for teaching me humility, now that I am a mother, because it's a vital trait for this new journey. I love you for also reminding me that striving to have a perfect post-baby body is futile, and to appreciate that hard work rarely comes without some "scars" but the outcome is always worth it. You also made me stop to think maybe I should take it easy on some other areas of my body, because we've all been through a lot together and I could stand to cut them some slack. Thank you for appearing and allowing me to join a sisterhood of other stretched marked (and non-marked) Mama's who may or may not be struggling with the same body issues I am. I appreciate it because it makes me feel less alone. Lastly, thank you for making room for my little baby to continue growing bigger and bigger inside me.  
Love Always,
Dammit I just read the Pinterest quote again and made myself cry.

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