Friday, September 13, 2013

Take a HIKE!

Living so close to LA has made it easy for me and my girl Ash to get together.  So, when she called inviting me up to assist her in an organizational nightmare, I was HAPPY to make the drive and help a sister out.  Not only do I love nothing more than organizing and cleaning, but I also love me a good 'ole LA hike!  Making sure Ash knew my trip stipulations, she assured me she would make my Sunday dreams come true with a gorgeous morning trip to Runyon Canyon Park.

Feeling elated and excited to take on these hills with a vengence, we put on our Lululemon hats, sunscreened up and hit the trail fast walking our hearts out.  Not wanting to lose one minute of chat time together, we decided not to run... it would be far too hard to talk at the same time at that level of an incline.


As usual, the trail was poppin' with pretty people.  Keeping an eye out for celebrities, we worked up a sweat and kept our walking pace as brisk as possible.  With abs engaged we powered up each hill and pushed ourselves to be out of breath.  Nothing like trying to tell a juicy story through labored breathing!

We soon realized this "off day" activity, was kicking our butts...and we loved every second of it!  Even the massive stairs that loomed ahead, taunting us.  What are two thriving wives to do?  POWER UP THOSE BAD BOYS!

Alas, we made it to one summit.  The perfect spot for me to snap a pic of the Hollywood sign, it is such a symbol of glorious Southern California!

After forty-five long, sweaty, hot minutes, we had made it!  Granted, we had hit a few dead ends and had to turn around a couple times, but soon I was on top of it all.  Next up...time to head down....Another forty minutes and we were even sweatier than before, dying of thirst and in need of a breakfast burrito...DONE!


Do you love to hike?  Know of any great trails to try in Orange County? Please share them so I can enjoy another Sunday in the dirt!

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  1. Loved our Hike! Only you can get me to wear just a sports bra. Thanks for the extra push. Until next time...

  2. Ashley,

    Thanks for stopping by! So glad you loved that hike as much as I did. I cannot wait until our next trip, let's kick it up to a jog just for fun!

    Strive to thrive,


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