Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Organizational Nightmares: Calling for Help

My Thriving Mother recently sent me an newspaper article featuring a woman who started her own organizing company.  Granted, I have had people tell me I too may have a career in organizing, but right now I am sort of a freelance organizer.  I love to do it, am happy to do it and truly enjoy helping those I love feel the joys of clutter free living.  So, when my bestie Ash called and needed some Em-like closet support, I was ready and willing to help a sister out.

She expressed that all three of her closets needed an overhaul, but since we only had one day to get it done we narrowed in on her guest room...duhn duhhhn duuhhhnnn!!!  Despite knowing what was hiding behind those glass doors, I tried not to cringe as I rolled them open....yikes.  It was a shove fest of massive proportions and starting the only way I know how, I started taking it all out.  All. Of. It.



The poor closet had no rhyme or reason.  Boxes loaded with things from her and her TH's pre- married life had gone unopened for years.  Sheets, picutres, sleeping bags and even bridesmaids gifts from my wedding were to be found in the most inexplicable places.  It all had to come out, Ash had to go through it and I had to motivate her to part with things she felt she needed.  For example, a hideous (and badly distorted) cowboy hat she bought at a concert years ago.  She argued with me that she needed it for her "costume" box.  I calmly and sassily reminded her that our sorority social days were over and it had to go.  "No, Em come on, I really like this hat, I'll wear it again..." "Ok Ash, if you love it so much you can wear it all day today and when we go out to dinner, then you can keep it".  I bet you can guess what she did with that hat...GOODWILL!

As more and more crap showed itself from that closet, we filled more and more garbage bags with items to be donated.  Old clothes, not so cute purses, random workout equipment and oh yeah....this HUGE ALF!

 We even came across her TH's very extensive watch/wrist cuff collection...who knew?

With eight large black trash bags filled, not to mention boxes emptied and refilled with junk that had to go, her closet was looking HUGE!  I slowly and neatly placed items back in and explained where she would be able to find everything.  Camping items stayed together as did luggage and linens; everything had its place. She even had a whole empty half of closet to do whatever she wanted with, I mean it was great!  

I was not only so honored to have Ash call me for help, but so happy to help her feel lighter.  While we dipped into the other guest closet we ran out screaming with the massive amount of electronics...that TH of hers was going to have to help us tackle that guy.  So, for now, we gear up to do her clothes closet and get some organization in that walk in!  Way to go Ash!

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