Monday, September 9, 2013

Make Your Mondays - September 9th


The weekend came much appreciated as Em wrapped up her first official week back at work and at a new site.  Back with the "big kids", Em is now working in an adult transition program assisting student's with special needs learn functional skills for work and independent living.  While the first week is always a bit crazy, so far, she is loving it!  Even better? Dave Matthews Band came to town, so Em, her TH and some fun friends had one musical Saturday night.  Nic had a bout with an angry diaper rash Friday night that warranted a trip to the pediatrician (all is well though). She also managed a family outing to the mall on Saturday - which is a lot more challenging than it sounds when you have a 1 month old baby (who cried the entire time)! Sunday she got some alone time to run a few errands, including a long awaited fresh juice from Mother's Market. 

While we love us some A. Hicks, us Thriving Wives feel there is more inspiration to be found.  So, we are going to bring you different quotes each Monday to make a goal for the week and strive to thrive in new ways.  Have a quote you live by that you want to share?! PLEASE DO!  We are looking forward to publishing (and giving credit) to those who participate in this thriving interaction.  So, to start this week, we want to shout out to our man, DL and strive for kindness.  It is surely always available to us all, so let's make a point to be kind this week.  Whether a simple smile to those you see or a cheery, "Hello There!" to people you meet on the street...let's do it!

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