Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lovin' the Grove Antique Market

On the 1st Sunday of every month, Irvine throws one heck of an Antique Market.  I just love it!  The first time I went I sort of stumbled upon this glorious parking lot of bliss.  So, this time I was ready.  Flea market cart - check.  "China Bag" to store treasures - check.  Water - check.  Vera Bradley pouch for hands free shopping - check.  Hat to protect this face from wrinkles - check. Getting there at 8am before the heat wave? - check. I was ready to shop baby!

Since I was again tagging along with two brides, we kept our eyes peeled for all things wedding.  We even had a mission this time...mercury glass. So, when I spotted this super cute wooden Mr & Mrs. sign complete with vintage brooch, I had to show the girls. 

Even cuter? This craft booth owner took vintage brooches and added them on top of old mini-masons...LOVE!

Since we were passing so many vintage table cloths, I went ahead and broke down for a nice big rectangular one in hues of blue and green.  For the low price of $10, I was happy to add it to my collection.  When questioned as to why on Earth I needed another table cloth, the answer was simple.  I had only one in this color realm!

Since I have developed a serious obsession with tins, when I saw this sweet nesting set, I had to have it, HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  I had to swallow my scream as she said they only cost $10.  For the entire set of 3?!!! No way....I was right, there was no way...it was actually FOUR for $10!!! Granted, one didn't have a top, but who cares?! I can use that cute little bad boy as a coin collector since my TH always needs a place to empty his pockets.  YES!

As we marched on the mercury glass mission started getting real fun.  THERE!  Hey look THERE!! We were shouting, chasing and haggling our way to make all of Ky's wedding wishes come true!

Despite trying my hardest to not shop for myself, I had to snag this gorgeous Jack Daniel's tray for my TH.  I mean, can't you just see this Thriving Wife serving a nice whiskey drink to her man after a long day fighting fires?  It was a must purchase, and after I haggled her down to $10, I was seeing a theme here...the day of ten dolla' hollas!!!

Because I am such a luggage hoarder, I knew I had to slow down a bit.  But when this pink three-piece set was offered for only $25, I pretty much made my pink loving friend Kell get it for herself.  She could use one for a work bag, one for makeup and even one at her wedding...a MUST have!!! I mean, doesn't she look perfect?!

We got in and out just in time.  Before the crowd, before the heat and with all the good deals.  But before we left, we had to make a quick run through the Farmer's Market...I mean it is right next door.  Check out tomorrow's post on the small yet great selection!  I cannot wait to go back...and in only two short weeks! 

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