Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love Language of a Thriving Husband: Acts of Service

In honor of my TH's birthday today, I am compelled to write about love...well, his love language that is.  If you know nothing about the 5 Love Languages, fear not; Nic and I already gave a short run through to get you up to speed.  Now is the time we dig a little deeper and explore what those languages are all about and how we use them to keep our Thriving Marriages going strong.

After reading the book, chatting about it with my TH and forcing him to take the quiz with me, his language was revealed... Acts of Service (with quality time and physical touch coming in at a close tie for second).  It came as no surprise to me since I feel like this is the language I am best at expressing (even though I am going to toot my own horn here and actually think I am phenom at all five, but that is just me). Hhhhmmmm, maybe the fact that I dote on my TH and truly enjoy being a housewife and anticipating his every need is the very reason he fell in love with me.  And to think, all those people in college thought I was crazy for cleaning his frat house room and doing his laundry....who's laughing now?!

According to the author, Gary Chapman,"For these people, actions speak louder than words".  Well, that is easy for me because I love nothing more than to make sure he comes home to a clean house, stocked fridge and lovely wife.  I make all the dinners (unless they require a BBQ), enjoy making his lunches (complete with a love note every once in awhile) and am happy to be the laundry fairy that makes dirty clothes reappear clean and in their drawers.  He is my everything, so for me it is easy to do.  Even better?  He appreciates me and knows he is loved; very, very loved.

I too enjoy spending time with him and making sure he gets his quality time needs met as much as possible.  Since the work weeks are so hectic, I really try to carve out some serious weekend time to just be with him.  Physical touch is easy as he (like myself), loves to have his head rubbed or even forearm lightly scratched.  I mean who doesn't love that?!  I wish my Thriving Momma was here right now as I write this post rubbing my head for goodness sake!

Lucky for me, speaking all of his love languages comes naturally.  Unlucky for him, mine (words of affirmation) is practically like asking him to solve world hunger.  But nonetheless, we have a marriage filled with love no matter what the language and that is all that matters to me.

So... Happy Birthday TH! Just wait until you see what this Thriving Wife has planned for you this year... just another Act of Service to show how much I love you!

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