Friday, September 20, 2013

Holding on to Summer: Outdoor Fun

Despite summer being over in terms of having to go back to work (nothing better than a teacher's calender), I couldn't be more thankful to live in sunny Orange County and get to enjoy the warm weather even longer.  For me, the best way to hold onto summer is with some good ole' fashioned outdoor fun!  Thank goodness my backyard is just perfect for such things!

Who else to provide the perfect outdoor activity than my MIL.  She has done it again with one of the greatest house warming gifts ever...a massive outdoor Yahtzee game!  Complete with burlap bag and vintage bucket. I mean does it get any better than that?!  I think not!  Despite being a hard core (and truly gifted) Yahtzee player, I just couldn't get over how much fun was to be had and in the sun no doubt!  But don't think for one second she would stop there, oh no, not her.  She also provided us with the game pads, mini clip boards and what every Yahtzee player needs and loves, mechanical pencils!  I mean this lady thinks of EVERYTHING!

With such fun to be had, there was only one problem. Where were we to set everything down while we played (score cards/drinks/snacks).  On the grass? NO.  Our massive patio table? That would mean I'd have to walk all the way around my garden to get to the patio table.  NO.  Could I use the ledge of the planter and bend down after each turn? NO. So, the only answer seemed to be the need for another table.  Insert my girl Holl, she being the angel that she is, saved my outdoor fun with the most perfect table ever.  One she so loved but just couldn't make work in her home.  Who's the best person to give those great home cast offs to?  Duuuhhh, me!

This pallet perfection was all the right colors to fit seamlessly into my backyard.  It is super light which makes it that much easier to move out the the grass for game time.  Furthermore, the height couldn't be more fitting for my 5'9 frame, barely a bend needed.  Now this is what I call "nest" karma!

Even better? My vintage cooler fits perfectly below and can keep those drinks cold while I scream, "YAHTZEE, YAHTZEE, YAHTZEE!!!".  Looking forward to another fun filled weekend of outdoor game-ery!  What outdoor games do you enjoy?

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