Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Blog-i-versary Thriving Wives!

Happy Anniversary to.....US!  That's right, this little blog baby of ours, is one year old.  We can't even believe that it has been that long.  It seems like just yesterday, we were sitting in Nic's rental house (barf) drafting up logos, themes and design.  Now, with nearly 300 posts to date, we are a real live blog.  So, thank you Thriving Friends, Family and Readers for all your support.  We love TW more and more each day and are so excited for what our Thriving Future holds!

In honor of our blog-i-versary we've rounded up our top ten favorite posts from our first year and want to share them, again, with you. Click on the titles to re-read these "classics"!

1. Garage Sale'n Goddess

Our first GSG post - including great tips for making the most out of a garage sale'n trip!

2. Take Over Control

One of our earliest Thrive posts, which really contains the essence of what we feel "thriving" means. 

3. Action Plans

This is a fantastic tool Nic whipped up, that will help with whatever goal you have! This has been one of our most searched for and popular posts. 

4. Back to Basics Series:

Abs, Upper Body, Squats, and Lunges

Ok we're cheating a little here because this is 4 posts... but we just LOVE this series! We had a lot of fun taking fitness model pictures on the beach, and editing the pictures to add helpful tips so they can be quickly referenced. Just look how cute!

5. How to Start Your Juicing Journey

We are huge fans of the juicing movement, and would get a lot of questions about how to get started while running some of our other juicing posts, so we think this is a fantastic resource for all those questions! Think of it as a FAQ for juicing.

6. How to Host a Successful (and Profitable) Garage/Yard Sale!

Another inquiry we continued to get was about hosting garage sales, as readers wanted to know how to make the most out of them since it can be quite a bit of work. So here we are with another "how to" that we think everyone should bookmark/pin/share/save/whatever for when the time comes to host your own garage or yard sale!

7. Cardio Circuit

We get real bored at the gym from time to time, so we know you must too, which is why we created this simple and easy to follow cardio circuit. Again, pin/print/save/share! 

8. On the Eve of Turning 30

Nic turned 30 last December, and this post about her feelings on that subject is one of Em's favorites. From Nic: "I feel like there is far too much negativity surrounding turning 30, so I wanted to write something positive to help my peers not feel so crappy about something that should be celebrated! Getting older is inevitable, after all."

9. Meeting My Blog Idol: Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere

This is probably Nic's favorite posts, as Emily from C&C really was pivotal in getting Thriving Wives, well.... Thriving! She even re-tweeted the post which was doubly exciting!

Again, another Thriving Wives mantra, we love this post due to it's simple - yet powerful - message.

{Bonus: Our very first post... Hey Ya'll!}

Here's to many more Thriving years to come!

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