Friday, August 2, 2013

Recipe Rave Review: Summer BBQ Pizza

To me, summer means being outside as much as possible and enjoying the warm sun; that also includes dining al fresco.  What better compliment to an evening spent dining on the patio than BBQ'ed pizza?  NONE!

First, I had to decide what kind of pizzas I wanted to throw on the grill.  Personal favorite for me? Margherita baby!  So, for my TH who is not at all a fan of tomatoes, I decided to do a grilled onion, brie and pear pizza.  I poured a cup of vino, put on an apron, played some Italian tunes and got to pizza making as if I was in the "old country"...not that I am at all Italian, but I do watch a lot of Jersey Housewives.

I love Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough.  It is $1.29, can easily make a half and half pizza for two (with leftovers) and is simply delicious for a complex carbohydrate.  All I do is take it out of the package, add some flour to my cutting board and roll it right out.  Since I didn't have a wooden roller (even though I swear I did somewhere), I just used a drinking glass and was careful not to push too hard.

With my dough rolled out nice and rectangular, I brushed olive oil on either side, then spread a small serving of Organic Vodka Sauce, also from TJ's.

With the sauce down, next came a light layer of shredded cheese and Parmesan to serve as the foundation to my creation.

Now, I was ready to build my BBQ dream!  Taking my sliced organic Roma tomatoes, buffalo Mozzarella and organic basil I carefully placed the tomatoes and cheese.  As I got closer to the center, I only used Mozzarella so my TH could enjoy some tomato free slices.  Once the ground layer was complete I sprinkled chopped basil across the top and I was done!

Next up was the pear, brie and grilled onion spectacular.  Cutting the brie and organic pears into chunks, I sprinkled them on top of the existing cheese so that each bite would be Brie-utiful to eat.  Then same as the basil, I sprinkled the grilled onions all along the top.

With both sides of this pizza dough assembled and ready to grill, I handed it off to my TH.  He placed our pizza pan right on that BBQ, shut the top and we sat outside sipping a lovely Cabernet and chatting as we waited for our grilled gorgeous to cook away.

In just ten minutes, our dough was the prefect shade of crispy brown and we had cheese oozing from both sides.  It was truly mouthwatering to see.  We quickly transferred to a cutting board, let it cool for about 5 minutes.  As it cooled, I drizzled balsamic vinegar over the top of the Margherita side and let that sink in.  As soon as it had cooled a bit and we weren't surely going to have any cheese casualties (hate that) I used my pizza cutter to create small square pieces to share.   Paired with a light Cesar salad, it was a lovely summer dinner outdoors!

Do you have any great BBQ recipes for pizza? Share them with us!

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