Friday, August 23, 2013

Recipe Rave Review: Fresh Veggie & Goat Cheese Scramble

To me, nothing says weekend morning than a nice healthy breakfast.  Since I am usually so pressed for time on workday mornings, I love the chance to make a nice scramble, french toast or casserole.  Having a fridge full of produce ready to be cooked up, I decided to make a fresh veggie and goat cheese scramble with a summer fruit salad to get my weekend going.

I  started off by grilled onions, mushrooms and spinach with a teaspoon of vegan butter.  My neighbor had also recently given me some cherry tomatoes, so I threw those in separately as my TH hates them more than anything (weirdo).  Once the veggies were cooked up, I re-greased my skillet again and threw in 5 egg whites.

Once those were seasoned and scrambled, I tossed back in the fresh veggies and let the eggs and greens get acquainted.  

Once I had everything nice and intermingled, I got to my favorite part...folding in that creamy goat cheese! I had about 1/2 cup to use, so I started tossing in little chunks here and there and just mixing it right in.  Once all the cheese was in, I lowered the heat and let it sit for a second before plating.  I quickly cut up some pineapple and an organic nectarine from the Farmer's Market (YUM!).  Next, I sliced some avocado to place on top of that gorgeous bed of egg whites and veggies.

I tossed the fruit in a small cup, took the eggs of the heat, plated and placed the sliced avocado right on top.  Just ten short minutes after I began cooking, I was sitting down to a nice little morning with an iced decaf coffee treat and a delicious/ healthy meal with my man.  Now that is what I call a nice little Saturday!


 Do you have any easy breakfast recipes you love? Any new scrambles you're dying to try?

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