Friday, August 30, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Wall Paper or Paper Wall?

It all started with a very boring side of cabinet wall...

Having some new found interest in wall paper, I had been hoping I could use it somehow/someway in my new home.  I had once had big dreams of covering my ugly file cabinets in some fancy wall paper, but just never got around to it.  So, when my dear friend, Shell came to visit at the height of nest-a-palooza she too agreed...something had to be done about this absolutely boring side of a cabinet thing staring out from my kitchen.  But where to start?  Well DUUUUHHHH, Paper Source!


I absolutely love this store and could spend hours in here looking at all the fine paper, envelopes and rubber stamps.  So, when Shell suggested we start there before going into a full blown wall paper hunt, I thought (as usual) it was a great idea!  As soon as we walked in, we rushed to the fine paper and ran our fingers across the gorgeous designs and colors.


Knowing my TH was perfectly fine leaving this boring side of cabinet thing just as it was, we had to tread delicately when picking the perfect paper.  Furthermore, knowing we needed a few sheets we had to be mindful of cost, some of these sheets are upwards of $10!  We wanted to stay away from anything too "girly" as we were planning to just put it up while he was away and see if he noticed (he often didn't).  We also wanted some real design quality with lots of color to add some life to my white kitchen cabinets.  

After forcing myself to walk away from the hydrangea pattern, we finally settled on a gorgeous print straight from Florence, Italy.  We LOVED it!  It had great a great design, touches of gold and just enough floral to keep me happy and my TH content enough to not rip it down.

Realizing we had found just what we needed and didn't need to deal with the muss and fuss of actual wall paper, we bought some double stick tape and Shell used her interior design/art skills and got to hanging.  She perfectly lined up each piece so it appeared as though they melted into one another.  No cut lines here, just all mind blowing amazing-ness!  Soon, my white cabinet wall was not so boring at all, it was riveting!  I mean was that wall paper or just paper on a wall?  Even we couldn't tell!  The best part of all?  The TH approval we received when we finally pointed out what we had done!  SUCCESS!!!

Do you too love fine paper?  What are some of your favorite prints?

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