Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Stain-y Situation

My handy TH had his heart set on a massive patio table.  Needless to say, when my magical Aunt B inherited some already put together wooden tables at her new facility, he jumped on the chance to take one home and revamp. The tables were strong and sturdy and just needed a little work. 

First he had to remove the existing table legs that were nailed into the outside of the table.  Then, he bought 4x4 pieces of wood, had them cut to size to be a perfect fit to our already purchased "Balinese Sunset Coral" patio chairs, and got ready to build.  He screwed the new legs into the inside of the table and added braces in each corner to ensure its sturdiness.  To make his creation mobile he added casters on each table leg so we could roll that thang wherever we wanted it to go.  The table turned out to be PERFECT!! It could seat eight and was a great addition to the yard.  Way to go TH!

With the major construction out of the way, it was my turn to take over.  While the wood was nice and all, I prefer a dark stain.  I went to may painting box and pulled out the dark chestnut stain I had used for our dresser a few years back. 


I grabbed an old T-shirt for the wiping portion of this activity and got to work.  First things first, conditioner.  I painted on the pre-stain, let it sit and wiped off any excess.  I could see the wood getting a nice drink in preparation for it's makeover.

Once I had worked my way around all eight feet of that monster I got ready for the main event; the dark stain.  I mixed it up as best I could, dipped my brush and got painting.  The directions instruct you to paint, wait and wipe.  So, that is exactly what I did.

It is always fun to watch the wood transform from drraabbb boring wood to a sassy stained classy piece of furniture.  I don't know why chestnut coloring makes me feel better, but it does. 


 Soon, the table went from construction yard to catalog.  LOVING IT!!!

The table looked great, but it needed one final touch.  A weather proof, easy to clean table cloth.  Loving a good oil cloth, I had already gone to Joanne's fabrics and fell in love.  I came home with a white quilt like fabric that was cut and fit that table top like a glove!

I tucked the corners as if wrapping a gift and secured with a thumb tack.  That way, come wind or rain, that little cutie would be nice and tight.

With the table my TH created (and I perfected), I was feeling REALLY good about our work!  I grabbed those gorgeous chairs, pushed them in nice and tight and looked forward to eating outside that evening at our new table.  My TH could spill all over that thing and with a quick swoop of a rag it would be clean and ready for the next day!  YYYAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you taken over any new outdoor projects lately? Do you too dream of an outdoor table made just for you?

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