Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Outdoor Tiles, Scrabble Tiles That Is

More often than not, I am doing something then see something else and start doing that, only to see something else and start that....and so on and so on.  Sound like a little attention problem?  You'd be right.  But unlike some, who can never seem to finish anything, I end up finishing everything (I know, I know...I'm perfect).  I have been referred to as a "tornado" when it comes to cleaning/getting things done.  I rip up everything in my path, but instead of leaving behind devastation, I leave things neat, tidy and often crafted.  So, it came as no surprise to me that I seemed to wander as I was watering the flowers the other day...I became fixated on these odd placed tiles in my backyard.

These particular tiles are arranged in no real pattern and lead to the "fire pit" area of our backyard.  They really served no purpose and seemed so booorrriiinng.  So, what is a scrabble loving girl to do? Well, that's easy! Rack her brain to find a way to spell out the most scrabble-riffic message using what she had.  Yikes, that is not only a headache waiting to happen, but no easy feat, let me tell you!

Since watering the plants was really a break from my party preparation (my TH's fire fighter themed party was just days away), I tried not to get sucked into anything major as I was already quite busy.  But, the more I ignored the tiles, the more I wanted to do something with them. I found myself counting and muttering..."Home Sweet Home..1-2-3-4..shoot no shared letters!", "Welcome Friends...1-2-, shoot I need an E!".  On and on this went until I decided I needed to make this simple or I would possibly be out here all night.  So, I settled on a nice little shout out to my family. THE and my last name.  This would work in this space nicely as the second letter of my last name is an E and I could double up on that letter from thE.  WHEW!  I dropped the hose, turned off the water and sprinted into the garage. I had to get my supplies and get this knocked out asap!

I grabbed my donated box of patio paint (thank you MIL!) and chose  two complimentary colors that were bright and sunny (just like my outdoor chairs). I quickly wiped down the tiles (as suggested by the bottle) and prepped my work station. With my favorite painting tool ever, my foam brush, I got out some newspaper, dumped out a small pile of paint and started to dip.  Wanting to make sure I didn't mess up, I counted, re-counted and made sure I had each letter in the correct spot.  I mean all it was was THE and my last name, but you would have thought I had never seen either before, I was terrified I would mess up!

Then, carefully and calmly, I started to write T....H....E...

I did it!! Whew, no mess ups, THANK G!  I went over it with a second coat and stood back to admire my handy work.  I can't believe this idea just came to me...sometimes I even surprise myself!

With the gold paint already used, I went with a nice copper and started to write my last name...slow and steady...repeating it over and over...P..(use the E from thE)...R...

And so I went all the way down to the very last letter.  No mistakes, just clean scrabble perfect letters.  SUCCESS!!!  And to think, it only took minutes to actually do...once I stopped counting and spelling out loud which took more like hours.  Oh well, I still love this idea and am now loving these random tiles!  What else can I spell?!

Do you have random tiles you need to scrabble out?  Get some patio paint and get going!

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