Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Backyard Bonanza


Whoa-to-the-boy is all I can really say about the backyard bonanza that took place prior to Nic's Snacks & Sweets baby shower at my new home. My green-thumbed TM worked tirelessly in the backyard, while I traipsed around in a bikini describing my latest "vision" and trying to assist in making it a reality.  Since my TH has diagnosed me with a serious case of M.R.S. (not the wife title I worked so hard to earn, but the rather negative Moving Rocks Syndrome), I will often walk around moving things from one place to another getting lost in my OCD , which to an outsider appears as though I am being quite unproductive.  But I swear, there is a method to my madness! (More to come on that and Adult ADD later...)

First, we had to establish what was going where and how to attack this bad boy.  As it was, there was crap everywhere.  Plants from my old house, plants from my mom's house, boxes of random outdoor trinkets, garage sale/dumpster saved tables, wheelbarrows, bird cages, broken windows...I mean it was a mess!

We decided to work our way from the back to the front.  At the back wall we had two empty corners with a square concrete slabs.  Hmmmmm, BBQ area? Vegetable garden with planter boxes?  Hula hoop arena?  The possibilities were endless.  Since I am a Target clearance shopper and love me some outdoor furniture I had recently snagged quite the haul (all on different trips over a span of two days and three Targets) of which included four "Balinese Sunset Coral" (the name my TM and I choose to call them) Adirondack chairs marked down from $29 to $11. To honor my fire fighting and fire loving husband, we transformed one of the concrete corners into a fancy, laid back fire pit "chill zone".  He snagged an old washing machine barrel off Craig's List, which served as killer recycled and $5 fire that!

With just a little M.R.S. I was able to clean out that corner, situate the chairs around the fire pit and even add a Meyer Lemon tree to the corner for good measure.  With a smile and rejuvenated positive attitude with our small corner success, I returned to the mess behind me.

Next up, I decided to focus on the other corner.  I had explained to my TM that I wanted a flower sanctuary, or "garden oasis" as we now refer to it and was hoping to use her flower collection and create a space where I could sip tea, read and relax surrounded by my favorite things.  First, I needed an entry way, this was an oasis for goodness sake.  Remember those Flinstone style, monster boulders I had the TH move from the front yard? Well, I was able to use all my strength and wriggle them across the cement to serve as my path markers.  Then, we just started putting all the random garden items in the corner slowly arranging as we went.

Since the other concrete square was right next to a lovely Magnolia tree/planter box/rock collection, we decided to use that as an extension of our "garden oasis" and bless it with all sorts of statues and garden trinkets.  But first, I had to dig out all those rotten old Magnolia leaves!

As we added more and more potted plants to the concrete area, the planter box started to fill up as well.  Including with some of Bambi's friends to keep an eye and ear on all things garden oasis.


We moved plants that needed an little TLC to the shady side of the oasis to make sure they didn't get too much sun as they recovered from a long road trip down south. Buddah and Tiki God joined the ranks with Bambi & friends as well as my garden Saint (I am an equal opportunity spiritual supporter). My flea market window (with one broken pane) made a garden appearance as it held a little message from my Great Grandma Emilia (she sang "You are my sunshine" to me everyday as a child...

In addition to my "Balinese Sunset Coral" Adirondak chairs I also purchased some amazing fold up lounge chairs at Target's "end of summer in June" sale and snapped up two for $15 each, A STEAL!  They were pink and orange, had a pillow for your head and best of all....when you flipped up the pillow, it had a cut out and cushions for your face, just like a massage chair....TOTAL BONUS!

As we filled the oasis with roses, lavender, poppies, marigolds, hydrangea and even a baby little palm tree I was nearly brought to tears with how perfect my little peaceful oasis had was even Fuffie approved!

With the two corners complete, the grass raked and tidy-ed up, it was time to attack the main event:  the patio and large planter box.  The planter box had some flowers in it, but still needed some major help.  We shoveled it up, mixed in some fresh potting soil, took out and potted some of the existing flowers (my TM was very worried about this...imagine someone digging you up right out of your home) but we did it.  We wanted to prep the planter for a few vegetables as the TH and I are quite excited for our very own garden! 

After what felt like the 3 millionth trip to Home Depot in two days, we were back home again with vegetable cages, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and jalapenos.  With our fresh, rich organic soil, my mom taught me the proper way to plant vegetables keeping the flowers near to attract the "birds and bees" know what they do..

Next up, a quick cooking nook/BBQ area for my TH, complete with a dumpster rescued table from our old house to give him some space to spread out when grillin' up our organic veggies.

Our garden hose was far too long so, I used my favorite garage sale vintage wheel barrow as a hose holder.

Finally, we took a step back to admire our work and decided to take a break in our "Balinese Sunset Coral" patio dining chairs...all eight of them..for the low price of $7 each!  (Did I not mention Target was having a "HUGE end of summer sale" in June?!)

We had conquered 99% of the backyard and it only took two straight days of work.  We were exhausted, dirty and ready for some fro yo.  The only thing we needed now was a patio table to go with our sassy chairs.  Who better to put on that task than my super handy TH?  He had a dream of building a monster table, which is exactly what he did!  More on that coming soon!

Did you recently do a backyard makeover?  Share your tips and design ideas with us!

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