Monday, August 5, 2013

Make Your Mondays - August 5th

Em had a nice weekend hitting up a Yoga class with Nic, having her girl Ash in town for the night as they attended Lex's Dana Point bridal shower and sneaking in a meeting for LA Fitness as she is adding even more cycle classes to her already busy week! Nic's Thriving Mama made the official move down to Southern California to be near her grandbaby on Saturday, so Nic helped settle her in while also getting a quick visit with her aunt who drove down with her TM. Sunday morning we went to a fantastic antique/farmers market at the Irvine Great Park, getting all sorts of treasures at a superb deal (more on that later)... and a slightly unfortunate sunburn. Nic also is getting ready for her LAST week of work before BK's imminent arrival! We both hope whatever you accomplished this weekend brought you just as much joy as ours did!

We all deserve happiness, heck, it is written into the Constitution for goodness sake!  So, why not allow your life experience to be a happy and prosperous one?  Relax, take a deep breath and allow the Well-being to come into your life.  Do not stress over things you cannot control (others blatant disregard for the environment) and find joy in the things you can control (educating others on their ability to do their part).  Take each moment as it comes and try to be a beacon of positivity for those around you, spread that Well-being!

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