Monday, August 26, 2013

Make Your Mondays - August 26th

Em enjoyed her last week of absolutely no work and started to come to terms that summer is over.  As her TH was shipped out to fight fires in Yosemite she adjusted to being a single housewife and while sad and lonely, she is looking forward to not having to make dinner and watching tons of reality TV!  With all her new free time, she even made a special trip to LA to assist her girl Ash in some much needed closet organization and crap purging.  Heck, she even made time to reset her body and mind with a gorgeous hike! Nic continued to love life being home with baby and aside from being "perpetually tired" is rocking motherhood.  She is doing her best to snag time away from baby to "nest out" in her new home and is dedicating herself to finishing BK's nursery!

Can you imagine if everyone had the ability to only appreciate what they had?  I mean, that would be crazy!  No complaining?  Nobody sitting around and whining over what they don't have?  What an amazing world that would be.  So, what can we do to make that world a reality?  Start with ourselves.  Always look to what you do have and see the glass half full through rose colored glasses.  It could always (and I mean always) be worse, so find the ability to appreciate all the goodness in your life and never take anything for granted.

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