Monday, August 19, 2013

Make Your Mondays - August 19th

Em was crazy busy this week preparing her home for out of town guests and another Thriving Party.  In honor of her TH being off probation at work, she threw a glorious outdoor fire fighter themed gathering for friends and family.  With so many people coming from all over California, she spend the entire week cleaning, crafting and well...thriving!  It was a ton of fun, a ton of work and as always huge success!  Nic continued getting used to be being a full blown mommy and even gave her baby his first sponge bath. That little guy also stole the show at Em's party getting to meet all his aunties and uncles for the first time! 

Have you ever noticed when you surround yourself with negative people, you somehow start to feel icky and negative yourself?  Notice how when you surround yourself with positive, jovial people, you feel uplifted and better?  You have the power to control how you feel and whatever you output has the ability to affect others.  I cannot tell you how easy it is for my friends to read me and quickly become uncomfortable they see I am, "just not myself".  You truly do not know the power of your own energy until you see it transform those around you.  So, send out that sunshine and light and let others feed of your positive energy!

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