Monday, August 12, 2013

Make Your Mondays - August 12th

Em had a great start to her weekend by reliving her Jamaican honeymoon at a reggae concert on Friday with some friends.  Saturday morning she was up and hitting a sunny champagne brunch in honor of her friend Kell's upcoming birthday.  The rest of her time was filled with party planning for her TH's huge "off work probation" party next weekend at her new home!  Nic was busy with new mommy duty as her precious baby boy came a little earlier than expected!  She had a great week at home with the new baby and her TH as she adjusts to her new role and motherhood.

Ever heard of the placebo affect?  That sugar pill that is given to people and told they will feel better and low and behold they do?  Well, that rings true with today's quote.  Sometimes, I feel tired or a little sick and I just refuse to accept that sickness.  I tell myself I am perfectly fine and focus on feeling good.  With enough positive energy flowing towards the non-illness I am cured in no time.  Use the power of your mind to feel better and surely you will!

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