Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Groves Antique Market in Irvine

A few weeks ago, my friend Kell asked if I was interested in joining her at the Great Park in Irvine for the Groves Antique Market.  OF COURSE I was interested!  I just wasn't sure why I hadn't known of this before.  Her friend Ky had found it and wanted to try it out, so of course Kell called her trusty antique loving TW.  Better yet, the Great Park also had it's weekly Farmer's Market located on an adjacent lot, so it was a one stop shop for all our shopping needs.  I quickly called the very preggo Nic and told her she had to make the journey with me.  Since her TM had just made the move down to OC, we all headed out to Irvine to see what was in store...
Loving this table.  An old fan, birdcage and book?  DONE!
We did our best to make it to the Antique side without too much stopping in the Farmer's Market, but as you know, I am easily distracted so it was a little tricky.  Soon enough we had made it and I was flabbergasted and what I saw.  Rows upon rows of wonderful vintage items and even some old friends from the LBAM

Soon we were weaving our way through the isles and keeping an eye out for anything Nicolle could use in her house.  Since Kell & Ky are both having Summer 2014 weddings, we also got to do some wedding shopping...my favorite!

I fell in love with a small "distressed ivory" piece of furniture and desperately wanted someone to buy it.  It was not only a great size for a small wet bar but it had the sneakiest opening...no pull drawers here!

This sweet little piece would have been great to showcase old books, fresh flowers and old trinkets.  Swap out those knobs, rub some sandpaper over it and you are good to go!

This vintage laundry hamper caught my eye and stole my heart.  It folded up making it easy to store and would literally hold anything.  I mean it would have been AMAZING!  But, as I slowly pouted and walked away from it I had to remind myself that I had already outgrown my brand new home.  I had to stop buying stuff!

I'm always attracted to old books because I just love their look.  Add some vintage blocks spelling out NEST and I am even more hooked!  The best part about these books is the vendor built in an iPhone charger to have a super cute but also hidden way to charge your phone..smart!

As the sun got hotter and our shoulders started to get pink we decided we better call it in.  We did make out with some great treasures and killer deals however, so don't you worry!  This was a PHENOM market and had prices that I like...low.  The vendors were quick to negotiate and were happy to take offers.  I highly recommend checking this guy out soon!

I made away with this great bread box (which I use to store take out menus and such) for the low price of $9 and it is HUGE!  Great steal!

Nic desperately needed hooks for her master bathroom let me talk these little guys down from $10 each to two for $10...I love me a good haggle!

You like old windows?  Well then this is the place for you!  I have found this same window for $40-50 at other markets, but not this one...oh no.  I was able to snag 3 of these for $10 EACH!!!!!!  Did I really need them? No, I already have two.  Did I jump on the chance to get all three and then force Ky and Nic to take one? Yes.  I would have been a FOOL to pass that up...so I didn't!

Nic also purchased a gorgeous lace table cloth that was marked as $32.  But, the vendor noticed a small stain and gave it to her for $10...I think it was her huge preggo belly that made her want to be so nice, but hey, we'll take it!

As Nic and I slowly get more things for her home we always have to consider functionality for her TH.  He needed a place to throw his keys, wallet and other "man items" that wasn't on the coffee table or counter.  Knowing that TH's can be trained (after months of practice and nagging my TH is now able to put all of his things in a crystal bowl), I knew her TH could too be taught.  I love a good train case and thought it would be perfect for her home.  I even knew exactly where it could go, right by her front door.  Nic wasn't so sure he would go for it...G forbid he have to take one second and open it.  So, what is a TW to do? Call him!  I got her TH on the phone, sent him a pic and we talked through it all.  He loved the idea and gave the "ok" to purchase.  So, we swooped up this camel cutie from our window lady for the low price of $5...that's right, $5!!  I swear, I will be making my way back to not only this market, but her booth!

We plan to go the next time around and get more coverage of the Antique Market as well as the Farmer's Market.  I won't lie, we were slightly unprepared and we had no idea how great it would all be!  

This amazing adventure takes place on the first Sunday of every month from 7am-2pm. DON'T MISS IT!

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