Thursday, August 22, 2013

Frugal Fab Find: Garage Sale Coffee Table

I love a good fab find, especially when it is something I need and something I can get for cheap.  It all started long ago when I went with garage sale'n with some friends in Huntington Beach.  I had been feeling not-so in love with my coffee table as of late and was hoping the Universe would present one for me.  What better place to head than to the streets...and the garage sale circuit.  Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I found a little white cutie with tons of character that needed a tad bit of work.  And by work, I mean it was missing the two inserts on the top (the lady couldn't find them....?) and therefore wasn't functioning.  But for $5, I'd make it work baby!  I handed over the $5 and dragged that thing into my girl's car...I am NEVER one to pass up a great deal!

Now that the table was at my house I debated on what to do to make it work.  I had originally planned on getting some glass cut, but was shocked to find that was going to cost me $50.  Was he high?! I wasn't paying $50 to revamp a $5 table, no way dude.  So, I measured those squares again and marched my thriving tush right into Home Depot to get some wood cut.  That had to be much cheaper...and it was. For the low price of $4.85, I had a nice young man cut my squares to perfection and was out the door.  So far, so good.

Now, I wasn't quite sure what to do to cover the wood, so I just let it sit for a while.  Big mistake.  Soon it looked filthy with water rings as my sweet TH often forgets to use a coaster.  I was disgusted with how dirty it looked so I used pillow cases to cover each square and pinned them underneath.  Then, I made eating and drinking near the table forbidden until I could get this all sorted out.  And the sooner the better.

Thankfully, when I purchased the oil cloth for my outdoor table, I picked up some extra for the coffee table, that way my TH could spill his heart out and I could just wipe it riiigghhht up!  Love that! Even better, it was super cheap, so I was keeping this frugal fab find well below budget.

Once I had the cloth cut to size, I laid it on the ground, and got ready to make coffee table dreams come true.  I pulled those sides tight while pinning just right.

After the sides were pinned down, I took the ends, folded them in, pulled tight and pinned again.  Creating a nice gift wrapped look on the bottom of each square.

Finally, it was pinned, tucked and ready for the flip, drop and reveal...I could hardly wait!

As soon as I placed each square into it's cozy little groove, I knew I had made this frugal fab find worth even more than the $15 it cost to revamp.  It was absolutely perfect!  White, simple, detailed and now unable to be ruined with stains.  Now that is what I am talking about!

Have any fab finds that need a little work? Share your ideas and success stories with us!

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