Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY (Sups Easy) Garden Rocks

With my new back yard becoming more and more perfect with each finished project, I am starting to run out of things to do!  Thankfully, I am obsessed with details, so I can usually fine tune just about anything.  For example, I realized that my sassy garden (which is constantly expanding) was in desperate need of a special touch when it came to marking each plant.  I mean, that plastic thing it comes with? That would just not do!  So, I went back to a Pinterest idea that I loved so much, and decided to whip out some easy garden rocks.
painted rocks for vegetable garden--great gift idea for Gramma!!!
Now in the picture I pinned, the person marvelously painted these rocks and not only included the plant name, but also a picture of each veggie!  Since I am the farthest thing from an artist, I was not confident in my ability to do all that.  So, I settled on a nice river rock with a pop of font-color.

Knowing where to find some river rock to use, I marched to the front of my house  and chose a few nice flat rocks to help me with this quick project.  I then swooped the garage for my multi-colored paint pens and headed back to work.

I took grabbed that boring plastic marker to check for any weirdo spellings and did a little practice round on newspaper.  I always like to do a run through with my script to make sure I like how the letters look.  For example, should I go standard print, fancy cursive, or a combo of the two? So many decisions!

Once I felt good about my approach and decided on the proper text, I went for it.  I took my time and carefully wrote out each veggie name on the rock itself. 

I repeated this task for the other veggies in my garden and was pleased at how fast and easy this was proving to be. 

Once I had completed the writing on the three rocks I had intended to finish for that afternoon, I neatly placed them at the base of each plant, tossed that dumb plastic marker and stood back to admire my handy work.

When all was said and done (a mere ten minutes later), I couldn't wait to do more rocks.  Lucky for me, my TH is now on a gardening kick and comes home with more plants (and wine barrel planters, my fave) each day.  I just may give myself a little art course and see if I can in fact draw those plants.  If not, maybe I will just use some fancier fonts and colors on the next ones...maybe even a little glitter?!

Do you have an sups easy indoor or outdoor gardening craft to share?  Please let me know, I'm dying to get my hands on new ideas!

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