Friday, August 16, 2013

Beach Run or Spiritual Reset?


I have always loved the beach and couldn't be happier to have settled a mere ten minutes from the coast.  Now that I am a real Orange County native, I try to go as much as I can.  Not only do I love a nice day relaxing and reading in the sand, but sometimes I need to connect with nature while reviving my soul.  For me, the best way to do that is with a nice, long run.

Since I have forced myself to embrace running as a means of exercise and try to get up and get out as much as possible, this often includes heading to the beach for a nice little run.  To me, nothing resets my mind, body and spirit more than running along side the crashing waves, breathing in the salt air and seeing the vast blue ocean ahead of me.

 There are some days when I need to escape.  Reality is sometimes just too much for me and I need to get out of my own head.  I know that for me exercise is a positive outlet for my emotions and is much more beneficial for my mental health than being rude to my TH or sitting in the shower sobbing.  So, when I am feeling especially low and need to reset my mind and spirit, I head to the sand.  I seem to have super powers when running on the beach and can go much further than when running on the street.  I literally get lost in my mind and just let everything go.

Maybe this is my way of connecting to a higher power, but as soon as I set out one foot in front of the other it is as if I give it all up to something greater.  I just totally relax and my emotional struggles and frustrations over things I cannot control just melt away.  I feel no more anger, sadness or doubt... I just feel..peace.  My pace is fast at first almost as if I am running away from my pain, but as I take in the greatness of the world around me I start to slow down and breathe deeper.  I am not trying to win a race when I run, I am trying to realign my positive energy and reaffirm how lucky I am.  Seeing/feeling the ocean just seems to put into perspective what life is all about; embracing each moment and finding happiness in all that you do.

Soon time has quickly passed and I have exhausted all the questions I have regarding my life.  My grill session of things unknown slowly dissolves into the pounding of my feet on the sand and then... silence.  Finally, something tells me to turn around (usually my knees) and suddenly all that was behind me is now just that, behind me.  I find myself picking up my pace as I focus on how lucky I am to have this opportunity to not only run with strong legs meant to carry me, but a strong set of lungs and heart.  I see my emotional struggles now as challenges that will make me stronger and wiser as I travel through life.  I am reborn, refocused and renewed.  Not only have I now had a great workout (legs burning and churning from the deep sand) but a moment to press RESET on my spirit and find new strength I thought I had lost.

As I head back to my car, drenched in sweat, smiling and with a new pep in my step, I'm ready to take on a new day and whatever life has in store for me.  I look down at the (now) busy beach below and take a deep breath of is a new day.

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