Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quick Stop: LBAM (Bonus Sunday)

When the Long Beach Antique Market added a bonus Sunday to their schedule, I made it my mission to be there.  Granted, Nic was out of town, but I still had a free pass and was determined to go check things out. Did I need anything? No.  Did I have a  house and garage filled with treasures to be unpacked? Yes.  Did I still go with my girl C.?  Yes. 

As we  entered, I got the same feeling of joy as I always do...I also got the same feeling of, "Must Buy Everything".  But, I kept my cool and made a promise to myself that I would not buy anything more for my house until I had fully unpacked what I already had.  I could possibly be buying the same frugal fab finds I already had..that would be horrible!  I was however in the market for some high waisted denim cut offs, so I did allow myself to get a bit serious in the clothes section...I had to have some sort of shopping joy or I'd go crazy.

But, before we hit the shorts circuit, I wanted to give C. the whole tour and let her take it all in...this was her first time after all.  So, we walked and as we did, I spotted this vintage lounge chair.  It came in a set of two and even had a little table to go with it.  I loved the color and it reminded me of something I would have lounged on as a child.  To be honest, I wanted to curl up on it right there and get a little dose of vitamin D. 

Next up C. spotted this amazing gold trunk and we were just mesmerized by it' The man selling it was quite chatty and wanted to tell us all about this furniture piece and the life it had seen. I checked my reflection on that bad boy and we had to be on our way.

I am pretty into old telephones right now.  Granted, we don't have a land line and cell phones are taking over the world, but there is something so fun about old phones.  My SFBF, Lex has a killer old phone I saw years ago and has always made me want one of my own. While the LBAM often has many phones to choose from, they are often designed to look old, but are in fact rather new.  Check out this one which appears to be ancient, yet has a FLASH and REDIAL button...interesting.

As we continued to walk we saw the coolest mega-mini-drawer thing-y that ever existed.  Full of colors and mass storage capabilities, we were fascinated by what on Earth we could do with it. Tools?  No way, what a waste.  Recipe cards? Hmmm, that would be tricky.  Jewelry?  Secret notes? I mean, what could we do with it?!

I am a sucker for Spanish tile and plan to re-do the back splash in my kitchen to be a mis-matched fiesta.  So, I was very excited when I spotted this table right in line with my future plans.  I chatted with the man a bit about how he acquires his tile.  It seemed so simple when he explained that he just goes to Mexico and buys it in bulk.  Well, ok...could I do that?! Probably not, he has been doing it for years and then he either makes pieces to sell, or you guessed it..installs tile!  Well, I got his card and told him I would surely be in touch!  OH YEAH!

After getting all pumped up on the tile, we finally settled into some denim booths and tried on numerous pairs of Levi's cut offs.  We noticed the latest trend seemed to be shredded...but we just weren't into that which made our choices a bit more limited.  However, after some pretty awkward try-on's and perhaps a few incidents of indecent tushy exposure, we each found a pair we had to have in our summer wardrobes; 70's Levi's for me and 80's Jordache for C. We were pretty stunning in those shorts if I do say so myself!

Now that I purchased the little bit of joy I had intended on and the crazy 100 degree heat was setting in, we were starting to head towards the exit.  But on our way, we stopped at a great booth, filled with aged art deco jewelry perfect for a Gatsby themed summer party.

Brooch party!
As always, it was an absolute pleasure to visit the LBAM and a great way to spend a Sunday morning.  Looking forward to going again soon when Nic is ready to buy lots of treasures for her new home.  I myself, am already at max capacity with all I have collected over the years.  So for now, I will enjoy getting to shop for her and even better, spend her money! 

Hope to see you all at the next LBAM this upcoming Sunday, July 21st!

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