Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza - Unpacking (my long missed) Antique Dishes

I love pretty much  all things vintage (from the last 20 years) or antique (from the last 100 years), especially delicate and dainty dishes.  As is typical of my wonderful MIL, if I mention something to her, even in passing, she stores it away to later make my dreams come true.  So, I shouldn't have been so surprised when I walked into my wedding shower, hosted by my great and talented Mother-In-Law (who is a party planning extraordinaire) and saw every table setting totally and completely vintage...O...M...G!

Look at those gorgeous stacks at the dessert bar!
This was just one small part of all the dishes..WOW!

I was so amazed at all the plates and glasses I nearly keeled over!  I was about to seriously freak out and had my lashes not been perfectly glued on, I may have even shed a tear.  I was amazed at all this and couldn't figure out where she had gotten all these dream dishes.  I knew that she loved to buy/collect things, but this was just too much..too much!  As the day proceeded, my wedding shower truly proved to be magical.  However, there was one small announcement that really set it over the edge...the fact that my MIL had been scouring antique shops since our engagement (nearly 16 months prior) to find this dream set...all to give to ME!  Whaaaaaaat?! I thought I was going to pass out!  That lash glue got a real rude awakening when the tears started to pour down my face! She couldn't be serious? This was all for me?  I know I wasn't your typical bride in that I had picked out China on my registry,  but this was exactly what I had always wanted in a China set.  A mix and matched, vintage dish set? For me?!! She is THE BEST!

I knew this was just too nice to be setting out at my house in the middle of nowhere and I also knew we weren't staying there forever.  So, I asked her to please pack it up for me to keep it safe on my journey and put into storage.  Lucky for me, she must have been a packer in her past life.   At the end of the weekend,  when I went to pick them up, all those small little boxes were perfectly stacked in a row.  Love that!

Finally, three years after that fateful shower when my dish dreams came true, I was able to unpack and really take in each perfect pattern.  I pulled those boxes from the depths of my storage area, dusted them off, and told them we had such fun ahead of us!

Best treasure hunt ever!
Boxes upon boxes had to be unpacked into neat vintage stacks

Since I had purchased the most perfect, original wood, vintage hutch at my favorite middle of nowhere store, all these dishes had a predestined home.  The hutch too had been in storage since my move to Orange County waiting patiently for me to buy a home so it could be shown in all it's glory.  I couldn't believe the time had finally come!!  

After hours (and I mean hours) of unpacking my MIL's elf-like packed boxes, I was finally able to see my bounty in all it's glory.  It was absolutely stunning!

My wonderful hutch that had been waiting so long to come out of storage...
My new glass collection to go with my plates...
The real deal! Are you seeing this table service for 30?!
At home and complete at last.....ahhhhhh-mazing.
Now that my vintage china is unloaded and finely on display I am ready to take back my title as hostess with the most-est and use it for all my great gatherings!  Coming up fast is their first use since my wedding shower, Nic's baby shower this weekend!!  I just can't wait!

Do you love vintage dishes?  Have a collection of your own?  Show us!

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