Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Quick & Easy Salty Sweets

With my move nearly complete (minus the fact I constantly manage to bring more and more things into my new home), I didn't want to let too much time pass before making the rounds to meet our new neighbors.  Typically, I would have only gone out of my way to introduce myself and my TH to the "neighbs" next door and across the street, but, being as we moved in to a large cul-de-sac with 14 houses total...I couldn't not meet/bring a treat to everyone!

I was pretty mortified that we hadn't yet formally introduced ourselves to our new 'hood mates.  I knew long before we moved that I wanted to bake cookies for everyone and personally drop them off.  So, after much lagging, I finally got to work! (two weeks later..yikes!)  Because I still had a ton of unpacking to do I decided I needed a recipe that was tasty but practically instant; Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.    I completely understand if you need a moment to totally judge me and talk behind my back, but sometimes a thriving wife has to do what she has to do!  Against my better wife self, I bought and baked.

With two huge Tollhouse tubs purchased from Costco, I got out my ice cream scooper, baking pans and set the oven.  I was going for my oh so popular, "Quick & Easy Salty Sweets" for the new neighbors.  Because they are a huge crowd pleaser and take only 10-15 minutes per batch, I knew they would be perfect.

With the oven set, I laid my small scooped cookie mountains on my baking sheet and was able to get two dozen in at a time. I decided to give each neighbor 1/2 a dozen and hope no more than 6 people lived in each house.  If that wasn't the case, by golly, they'd have to share! 

As each batch was pulled out to cool, I immediately grabbed my sea salt grinder and gave it a hard turn, right there on top of the hot and gooey center.  With the salt in place, ready to take this store-bought dough to a new level, I let them cool for about 2 minutes before transferring them onto my cooling rack.  As soon as they were racked, another batch got loaded and thrown into the oven.  On and on this went until I had made enough for everyone...and a few dozen extra my TH.

With a methodical rotation going of bake, salt, cool and move.  I started to plate these sweet and salties while preparing  my packaging.  I found some small paper plates when moving and held onto them just for this moment. I plated 6 perfectly salted and cooled cookies, then carefully wrapped each plate in tissue paper.  Using some bright blue ribbon, I tied a bow and added a personalized tag to each one.  Once all 14 neighbors were set with one, my TH and I loaded them into a wine crate, freshened up a bit and made our formal rounds.

We not only hit every house and met nearly all our neighbors, but everyone was thrilled that the new addition to their neighborhood could possibly be so kind.  Well, of course we can! We thrive on kindness, duh! The cookie drop off was not only great to kick off some positivity to our day, but nearly everyone we see keeps commenting on how tasty those cookies were.  I have even had a few of them ask for the recipe...which I can't seem to share.  Not sure yet if it is my embarrassment over store bought goods or the fact it is one of my best kept secrets.  Oh you Quick & Easy Salty Sweets, you are just the best!

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