Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nest-a-Palooza: Front Yard Makeover, Walkway Wonderland

The past month has been an absolute whirl-wind of work.  With my ever so helpful Thriving Momma in town to assist with all my nesting needs it was Bus-to the-Y.  Not only with the interior of the house, but exterior as well.  Since my TM has the greenest of green thumbs, it was no question that she would take on the landscaping sharing all her secrets with my TH to keep our plants well, thriving!

First things first, I had to move those Flinstone size boulders to the backyard, no easy feat for my TH let me tell you!  Next, we had to assess what to do with that  little strip of dirt, we knew it needed a major overhaul.  The front of the house was looking great with the new paint job, and now it just needed a little flora and fauna to make it really fabulous.  So, we figured out what we had to work with, made a plan and did what most new homeowners do, went to Home Depot.

After we had purchased our supplies (Mexican beach pebbles, organic garden soil, lavender and marigolds) we set up our work station.  Before we started any heavy planting we laid out our goods and decided how to attack.  We had just enough room for seven little flowers, so we spaced them according to where we wanted them to be planted. 

Then, we dampened up that old crusty dirt and added fresh organic soil to the mix to get it all ready for the big implant.  We wanted our flowers to have a nice transition from their cozy pots to the moist Earth. 

With the my seven little plants neatly tucked away, it was time to Mexican beach pebble it up.  We decided to go with this not only because of it's name, but also because of it's grey color and the way it would compliment the new Dark Ash paint. 

Instead of just dumping the rocks in the new and improved flower bed, we first made small circles around each mound of new plant.  We referred to them as "alien landing pads".  This was to give our plants a little wiggle room and keep things nice and tidy.

Now that the landing pad was complete, we covered the rest of the dirt with gorgeous grey beach rock.  This rock would not only look great, but would also hold in the water for my new plants to drink all day long!

Just a couple hours later we had completed our walkway wonderland!! I watered it down letting the plants get another good drink and loved every bit of bloom I saw.  With the sun starting to set and our gardening backs pretty sore, we decided to call it a night and would attack the actual front of the house the next day.  I knew what I wanted and made my dream of a total hydrangea explosion well known. Check out my nest-a-palooza front yard makeover continuation tomorrow!

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