Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Front Yard Makeover, Seeing Hydrangeas

With my front walkway done and looking great, it was time to take on the actual front of the house.  I had one large window facing out and a bit of concrete to work with.  Not to mention, a horribly ugly sprinkler system to try and cover...what to do what to do?

I knew I wanted only one thing all along the front of my house, hydrangeas!  My TM had basketball sized hydrangeas in her backyard and decided to give them all to me, score!  I was so excited to add to my hydrangea collection and watch them bloom as my heart swelled with joy.  Knowing they are not a sun-loving plant, we were thrilled to find that my front awning would provide just the shade they needed to survive, whew.  Since I like a nice uniform house in front (no mismatched pots) there was only one answer, order handmade planter CraigsList we went!

With two 4 ft planter boxes ordered, each for the low price of $75 (they were three times that at Home Depot), I was feeling great.  Even better, they guy who made them would have them assembled and ready to go in just days.  Now that is what I am talking about!

Once they arrived, my TH and TM took to action, as I (as usual), served as the foreman; someone had to order them around...right?  My TH had already purchased large, burlap, planter box liners of sorts, so he got started stapling them to the inside of the boxes to help them stay put. 

With the burlap in place, we started dumping in rich, organic soil to make a nice little dirt home for my hydrangeas.

Next up came the big move.  These potted plants had a big move ahead of them and we wanted it to be as smooth as possible, it isn't easy adapting to a new home!  Once safely and carefully maneuvered from their pots into the boxes all that was needed was to add some more lovely dirt, soak those babies down with some cool water and watch them grow!

After some debate on what to do and how to center the planter boxes, we decided to line them up as close to the grass as possible and in line with the window.  I needed that nasty sprinkler system covered at all costs!  But, what about all that lost sidewalk behind the boxes you ask?  Oh you know, another row of (hidden) potted hydrangeas; stadium hydrangea seating, heaven!!!

With only a few blooms for now, I am tending to those little beauties with all the love and care I can possibly muster for plants.  I just want to nurture them to be the massive flowers I know and love...covering the entire front of my home.  We'll see!

What are your favorite flowers? Do you have them planted around your home? 

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