Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: Frame Fanatic

I'm telling you, there is just always something to do as a homeowner.  All those dreams I had of what I was going to do when I finally had a "real house" are fully happening and it is hard to comprehend.  The fact that I can do literally whatever I want is almost too good to be true.  So, it is project upon project at my home and I am loving every second of it! 

Knowing I had a lot of interior designing to do, I called my right hand lady, my Thriving Momma.  We have had 28 years to perfect our techniques together and no one knows me better, I mean we are practically the same person.  So, when she agreed to come down for two weeks and help me turn this house into a home, I was THRILLED!  She is honestly the best, dropping everything in her life to help her baby girl get all settled...I am one lucky girl.

When she arrived, I immediately walked her through all my ideas. She listened intently and helped make my ideas even better (she is really good at that). When I told her what I had in mind for above my fire place she was interested in seeing my "vision" come to life.

I had become a bit frame obsessed lately and had collected vintage brass and wooden frames.  I knew now that I had a "real house', I wanted to showcase them...only them.  I wanted to turn that blank slate of a grey wall into something frame-tastic!

vintage hanging frame decoration
This area is just crying out for some frame love!

I first laid all the frames out on the ground so I could play with them and see how I wanted to make this work.  Putting the largest frame in the center I worked the other smaller frames around it so it seemed almost like a "star burst" of frames.  I choose my favorite wire edged aqua-ish ribbon to add a pop of color to my design.  Once my floor plan was set, I called over my Handy Momma for a final check and we got to hanging.

vintage hanging frame decoration

The largest frame was hung first and ribbons were to be adjusted only when we were completely finished.  I carefully hung each frame making sure to try and replicate my floor design as best as possible.  My mom was checking each one from behind the couch to make sure they were an appropriate distance apart from each other and straight.  Once they were all hung, my mom took to perfecting the ribbon bows (I have meaty fingers which makes it tough).  As soon as she was done I looked up and nearly died at what I saw...it was truly "frame-nominal".

vintage hanging frame decoration

 I went to the front door and pretended to walk in the house, I was immediately drawn to those gorgeous collected vintage frames and LOVED every one.  Each one came from either a flea market or garage sale and yet they all came together in a one beautiful "frame-ily" (I could seriously go all day with these frame puns...) 

vintage hanging frame decoration

For now, I am going to let the frames enjoy their new home and speak for themselves.  However, with the changing seasons,  I plan to add a little pizazz.  As soon as Fall sets in, get excited to see small pumpkins and autumn leaves magically hanging inside each frame.  As winter sweeps in, ornaments and pine cones will take over.  I just can't wait!!!  I am such a frame fanatic!

Do you too have a love for old frames?  Have you found any frame-tastic treasures?  

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