Friday, July 5, 2013

Nest-A-Palooza: "Clean" Your Workout

With so much housework to do in my new home, I prefer to not stop  moving...until it is done.  Since it has already taken me weeks and there is still more to do, I have been going all day (and night now that school is out).

Because I am so busy trying to make my house perfect, it is pretty annoying when I have to leave in the middle of my "session".  Surprisingly for me, that also includes going to the gym   If not for the classes I am slated to teach each week, I would  much rather just keep working around the clock.  With all the unpacking, organizing, moving, cleaning and moving things around again...I often times am amazed at how fast the hours go by.  I literally do not stop moving for at least four to six hours straight.  While I am not out of breath by any means, I am a sweaty mess of blurred movement throughout the house.

Awhile back I decided to see what my trusty Fitness Pal had to say about how  many calories house cleaning/unpacking could possibly burn.  I was astounded to find that cleaning (at a light and moderate level) burns 170 calories an hour. Are you kidding me?! How great is that?!  Multiply that by another 60 (2 hours = 340 total cals) or 120 (3 hours = 520 cals total) minutes and boy or boy I don't feel so bad about skipping my gym session after all.

Since I am missing that hard core cardio I love so much, I always make an effort to concentrate on my form when cleaning.  For example, I lunge deep with abs in when mopping my hard wood floor.  When I am lifting endless boxes and moving furniture from one room to the another, I activate my core, squeeze my biceps and throw in a few curls if I can manage.  It is all about being aware and keeping that heart rate up by MOVING that body.  Add some loud move it music and I am having a great little workout!
What a great workout!  Let's do it three times a week, not just once!
So, next time you are feeling you just have too much to do at home and can't make it to the gym or get in that run you wanted to...grab some cleaning supplies and make that house sparkle.  All the while getting in some surprisingly crafty cardio! 

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