Monday, July 8, 2013

Make Your Mondays - July 8th

Em had a fun filled weekend at home selling lots of crafty goods at her favorite Bay Area flea market with her Thriving Momma.  Now, she's back to OC to get ready for Nic's "Vintage Garden Ladies Gathering" of a baby shower!!!! Nic spent the long weekend providing moral support for her TH and FIL while they painted the rest of her house (since she can't really participate in the painting), as well as checking things off her long pre-baby to do list. Highlights on that list included getting her crib and spectacular custom painted vintage mint dresser, along with taking maternity photos!!

You get to decide.  You get choose what you want to feel, so choose happiness.  See only things that make you feel good..  No matter what is happening, no matter what is thrown your way, you get to decide how you react to each situation you encounter.  React with calmness, peace and joy.  See yourself where you want to be and refocus your attitude to enjoy all the moments you experience.

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