Monday, July 29, 2013

Make Your Mondays - July 29th

Em was quite the social butterfly this weekend attending a Saturday evening engagement party and flying to the Bay Area on Sunday morning for an overnight stay to surprise one of her oldest besties on her 30th birthday.  Not only was seeing her friends and family (even if for a short while) a great treat but she quickly became a VIP guest at the engagement party on Saturday night when her friend Kell totally surprised her and asked her to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming 2014 wedding...YAY!!! Nic spent the weekend relaxing, going to Yoga, and continuing to get ready for BK's arrival. All baby all the time 'til that little guy gets here!

Let others do and think what they will, you choosing to let others affect you is all you can control.  You cannot affect how others think or their experience in life.  All you can control is you. If someone has something negative to say about you or the choices that make you feel good, oh well.  You continue to follow the path that brings you joy and that allows you to thrive.  You are in total and utter control of your life, so take it, own it and make the most of it.

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