Monday, July 22, 2013

Make Your Mondays - July 22nd

Em and her TH had a much needed mini-vacation in Pismo Beach.  With sun and sand, Em was a happy girl.  With quads and beer, her TH was a happy guy... so all in all it was a nice week.  But she is back in OC and ready to take Nic's house on FULL FORCE as we countdown the arrival of Nic's baby boy! Nic busied herself with more final preparations including her registry completion and installing BK's car seat. Where did the time go?

I am notorious for being a problem solver.  Once a problem has been fully explained to me, there is no reason to discuss it any further.  I am not going to dwell or over analyze I am going to fix it and move on.  So what, the car broke down.  Great, now what are we doing? Are we walking somewhere?  Calling AAA?  Pushing the car down the street, what are we doing about the problem.  Being a problem solver is focusing on what you can take control of, not what is taking control of you.  So, once the problem has been determined, MOVE ON and get it solved!

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