Monday, July 1, 2013

Make Your Mondays - July 1st

Em had a busy weekend with family visiting to check out her new home.  Despite running around with her Geena and Poppa, she was able to sneak off and take a fitness training class to add to her every growing resume. Nic made her final plane ride before BK's arrival to attend a friend's wedding in Northern California. Congratulations to Andrew and his new Thriving Wife Jessica!!

There it is again, that reminder that we are all in control.  We get to choose the thoughts we think and therefore have the opportunity to choose feeling good in each moment that we experience.  Why choose worry?  Why choose fear?  Hatred? Anger?  All those emotions surely do not make you feel good, so why bother?  Why not...not?  Feel good.  Feel happy.  Feel tankful, thrilled and excited for the moments that are coming.  You get to make them just as you want them, so make them great!

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