Monday, July 15, 2013

Make Your Mondays - July 15th

Em had a busy weekend to finish off her very busy week.  After two weeks on of non-stop house work with friends and family down to help, she was ready to throw a beautiful and thriving baby shower in her new home for the lovely Nic.  With her backyard shaded and in bloom, the intimate, garden setting was an absolute perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon showing Nic just how special she truly is!  Nic's mom came to town for the shower, so most of her weekend revolved around that truly incredible day, and getting more things ready for little BK - like putting together the crib!

Decide what you are going to be and be it.  I, like Abraham, am going to be happy.  I am going to smile (more than I already do), I am going to be thankful for everything I have.  I am going to constantly find more things that make me feel good.  Good memories with friends and family, good moments that happen throughout the day and most importantly, all the happiness that is coming in my future.  I am not going to dwell on negativity.  I am not going to worry or feel emotions that do not promote my feeling good.  Happiness is natural for me, because I am choosing to be a happy person!

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