Friday, July 12, 2013

Glorious Housewarming Gift - A Few of my Favorite Things

A few weeks ago, I hosted my first party in a pinch at my new home.  I was so excited and honored to have these women over and show my appreciation for all their support throughout the school year.  I wanted it to be a small token of my appreciation, a small "gift" per se.  So I was totally shocked when they walked in and gave me the most perfect housewarming gift, stock full of all of my favorite things.  It was so thoughtful and sweet, I was brought to tears.  They had known me for such a short while, but had taken such care in listening to me and learning about all the things I loved.  It was truly wonderful.


My girl Holl, who is a presentation professional, took such time and effort to try and make everything fit in this amazing and ginormous glass jar, she had the great idea of  wrapping the excess in my favorite...a flour sack!  She took the new stationary they had gotten me (as I do love to write notes) and drawn a perfect P for my last name...she is so good.  Needless to say, I was really excited to get into that jar and see what they had gotten me.  I saw that Mrs. Meyer's peeking out squealed, I love those cleaning products!

As soon as I started to unload that lovely little sucker, I was a squeal machine. Literally, there was not one thing in there that I didn't love.  Lemon curd?  LOVE.  Coconut Grove soy candle? LOVE. Quinoa and whole wheat noodles? DOUBLE LOVE.  Tongs for parties in a pinch?  Teal worn frame? Charcoal grey washcloths? TRIPLE LOVE!

It just kept getting better!

Aside from my favorite snacks and home goods, I also received this amazing hand made apron to add to my collection..YAY!

Knowing that I consider myself t be quite "green" and constantly reference the Earth as being happy or sad due to our human choices, they found some BPA cutlery for me to bring with my lunch each day so I didn't have to bring my bulky forks, knives and spoons from home.  Even better it came in this perfect little case!!!


I was so grateful for my lovely housewarming gift as well as for having such thoughtful friends.  I got my thank you notes out just a few days later and have used my new goods each day with a smile.  I am one lucky homeowner and an even luckier person to have met such great people.  Thanks girls!!

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