Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get Up and Get Out

I have always been an athlete, but I wouldn't say I was really ever a "runner" per se.  That all changed in college when I simply forced myself to become one.  It wasn't the most fun and proved to be a little painful on these old knees of mine, but I kept focusing on my breathing and my music.   Since funds were pretty tight when I was away at school (I needed all my money for social activities, duh) I didn't always have the luxury of going to the gym.  This was long before we had the state of the art athletic facility free for students and faculty.  So, what was this activity hungry party girl to do?  Get UP and Get OUT...side.  I had to take the pavement by storm and just go for it.

I started out slow and steady just sort of running in a big loop of sorts.  I like to get a little routine and know where I am going and how long it takes.  I would always shoot for at least 20 minutes, or until my knees hurt too bad to keep going, OR at least two miles.  I ran every other day to give myself a little break and would try and do something else on the off days.  Within weeks, I was increasing my time and speed.  I know I can't go too long, but getting in over three miles in 30 minutes isn't too shabby for this non-runner!

As soon as I would set off I would take in the lovely scenery.  The wind blowing through the trees, the way the fresh air felt pumping through my lungs and the sun against my (sun screened) face.  I grew to love running outside and became so thankful for not only the ability to run but the ability to run in such a beautiful environment.  Whether surrounded by the lush landscapes in Chico, the gorgeous trails in my hometown of Los Gatos, jogs around my new neighborhood or even long runs on the beach, I have learned to love every minute of it!


So, instead of always hitting the gym for a good run on the treadmill,why not just Get Up and Get Out?!  Take in the wonderful surroundings that we have around us and try to kick up your walk to a jog, what's stopping you?

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  1. when I run I get very out of breath very quickly. how out of breath should I be getting and how do I run without getting so out of breath? I don't run fast at all, so slowing down probably would mean I'd be walking!

  2. Dara,

    Thank you for stopping by! First of all, let me tell you how great it is that you are pushing yourself to even run at all; that is great! As for getting out of breath, I usually take that as a message my body is out of shape and is in need of some serious endurance training. My suggestion, start out with a brisk walk, then jog for one minute. Then walk again, catch your breath (again, keeping the pace quick) and then jog for another minute. Do this until you can maintain your pace for longer intervals during your jogging portion.

    Furthermore, when you are feeling yourself get out of breath, slow down your breathing pattern and really concentrate on deep breaths in the nose and out the mouth. Start to focus on those steady breaths and supply your lungs with oxygen to keep you going.

    Try that and let me know how it goes! Keep up your great work!

    Strive to thrive,


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