Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Final Countdown!

Some days I can't believe I'm already in my LAST trimester, and that due date is creeping ever so closely now. All of the sudden the responses to my most asked question ("when are you due?") get met with "Wow so soon!" to which I cringe a little and say to myself "not that soon......". My second trimester seemed to just kind of float on by - not too fast, not too slow. I did my best to savor each day as a pregnant person, and enjoy all the happiness that's been following me throughout this process.

But now it's all business. TH and I finally moved into our new home (which you read a little bit about already) and I am finally getting baby's room together. We also started our plethora of classes - birth preparedness, first aid & CPR, baby care basics, breastfeeding, etc. I fully believe that being as educated as possible only makes life easier so I have no problem dragging TH to all of these (despite his hesitation at needing to attend the breastfeeding class - I don't understand why he WOULDN'T need to know every single detail about his child's life). I've also begun the arduous task of really mentally preparing myself for "the big day" and all the work I'll need to put in for it. A well-planned Nic is a happy Nic, so that's the name of the game this trimester.

Celebrating Mother's Day on our Babymoon in Hawaii!
I've also been suffering from some severe baby brain this last month. My mom warned me about her 7 month baby brain and it looks like, once again, I am taking right after her because most days I can't recall my own name let alone the million details I need to get through life. I am fortunate to have very patient individuals surrounding me but I get a lot more eye rolls from TH these days as he wonders why I am putting a tape measure in the refrigerator, or something else ridiculous. Oh well, this too shall pass!

First bump pic in our NEW home! Taken in the baby's room no less...
Overall I still feel amazing and think being pregnant might be my favorite thing ever. It must show too, because I get plenty of feedback from people who say I am glowing (although I'm not sure I agree) and seem so content. Now, it's the birth part I'm not so sure of. My goal is to have a natural labor and birth experience, and I'm feeling pretty positive that *I* can do it if my baby and body allows. However, I know I can't control everything and am willing to be flexible as that is the best birth plan a woman can have, in my opinion. I'm a pretty tough cookie, but I've never had serious physical pain in my life so I just have no clue how it's really going to go down, and that of course is the most frightening part for an uber-planner like myself (and Em). All I can do is try my best, and take comfort in the fact that SO many women have gotten through this exact same process just fine and dandy. Plus, I love the saying "pain with a purpose" - yes it's going hurt and it's going to suck beyond belief, but once I have that little baby in my arms I won't care one iota.

P.S. Wishing my TH a very happy 30th birthday today! To the next 30 and beyond my love...

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