Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I am always I keep my eye out for the latest Groupon and Living Social deals for new workouts to try.  After seeing my besties on the Real Housewives try out a pole dancing class for a workout, I thought that sounded sort of fun and a bit creepy all at the same time.

Since my girl Kell just got engaged and is always ready to try out random workouts with me, I knew she would be more than willing to purchase.  Oh and she was!  So, we signed up for the four classes and got ready to feel super awkward as we tried to pretend we were on an HBO special.

When we arrived at the small studio that was Pole Fitness Xpress, we were sure we had made a mistake.  First of all, we were fully clothed.  Big mistake, we needed short shorts to be a part of this class, hooker heels and maybe even some leg warmers.  Needless to say, we were feeling highly overdressed in our LuLu workout gear.

With only six people per class and five poles, Kell and I were more than happy to share a pole with each other so we could giggle and be silly in a corner while taking it all in.  Thankfully, the instructors were super nice, very patient and took their time teaching us some pretty serious dance moves.  Here I thought we would go, mess around on the pole to some booty shakin' jams and call it a day.   No, no, no.  We were taught a series of quite artsy 8-count moves.  We literally were so focused on learning the moves, I was counting out loud.  I even had to ask for a modification for one move since it hurt my is that for old?!  I had no idea so much actual dance training went into being a pole dancer...As my girl Ash would say, "respect".

By the end of the class, my bicpes were on fire from trying to hold myself up and I dare say I had the start of blisters on my hands.  This was quite the workout!  Here I thought I was going to walk in there and kill it with my stellar dance moves, however, it was quite the opposite.  I'm pumped up and  ready to go to another class with an open mind, focused strength and this time, booty shorts.
 Are there any new and crazy workouts you thought you would never try?

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